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"The tenets of sustainable agriculture—conserving topsoil, using natural forms of pest control and focusing on locally adapted crops—are increasingly well-understood." Modern Farmer magazine

Updated 11-17-17

Berkshire Pigs - As we enter the winter, we had some changes from this summer. We purchased a new boar and named him Big Boy. We kept 3 piglets from Camille to be replacement sows and 4 boys for our next meat supply. Our pork supply is getting real low and we will not have supplies until January.

Eggs - The 5 remaining hens are laying now and we will overwinter with them. If you order from us, please consider ordering eggs too!

Chicken - What we have now are chickens that were processed June and July  2017 and vary from 2-3 lbs.

Farmers Market Update - We are done with farmers markets for this year, being at Olathe's north market. We will still make deliveries as needed in the area, just ask. Check out KoenigandHill.com as a new vendor for us and many others!

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