Our Story

Art and Susan, simple people who love each other, love others, and serve others. We have been in many states, many jobs, and have served in local Christian churches. We chose in Spring 2014 to put down roots in the prairie of Kansas to build our first and last home.

We have always had a garden, Art has always wanted a farm. More room to grow, build, play, and entertain. We have purchased 16 acres about 50 miles south of Overland Park, Kansas to farm, to enjoy, to dream.

The Farm - We placed our home on the front edge of the rectangle to be able to make as much use of our land as we can. There is the main growing area of 2 acres for apples, soft fruits and growing beds. The hillside at the back is in need of some attention - some invasive grasses are out there - we need to burn it to cut down on the seeds regrowth.

The House - We are building the house ourselves with a lot of help! We are using shipping containers to make our house our home. See our Facebook page for pictures. We are about 60 percent done, and moving closer to the 100% mark slowly.

The Future - We are planning on our first year of a market garden. The blackberries (1000 linear feet) should be ready to go in 2016.

Call or email us to schedule a tour of our developing palate of a farm. If you can hang sheetrock/drywall, we want to be your friend!